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Jim Ruprecht

Jim Ruprecht


I am a seasoned, truth-telling, path-finding executive experienced in organizational transformations.

My formal training is in Quantitative Methods; however, showing a natural talent for organizational development, my career emphasis shifted to one of leading organizational transformations—certainly small organizations at first, but growing in size, variety and complexity over time, with the largest being a 300+ person global technology organization.

Following advice given me by Tom Peters, I built my own “post-grad” program in leadership and cultural change. I found opportunities to learn directly from the industry’s leading practitioners and thought leaders.

Through my work with the Cutter Consortium, I also became involved in the movement that would later come to be called, “Agile.” The things I was learning about leadership and culture, and the principles of the emerging Agile Movement, converged, not just theoretically but pragmatically in my leadership style.

I took the concepts and theory that I learned in the books and the classrooms and “field-tested” them in the real-life organization I was leading at the time. I experimented in real life, building upon what worked, and discarding what didn’t.

My career has been deliberately eclectic. I've held CIO, COO, VP, and other leadership positions in companies ranging from global, publicly-held, Fortune 250 firms, to privately held startups and second-stage companies:

  • In industries ranging from regulated medical device and aircraft manufacturing, to semi-conductor manufacturing, to news and entertainment media, to wholesale distribution, to retail.
  • In functions including: IT, Engineering, Product Development, Operations, and Sales & Marketing.
  • Leading organizations ranging from global teams of 300+ people with annual OpEx and CapEx responsibilities of $150 and $50 million, to small locally based teams.
  • With responsibility for operations throughout North America, and in the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and China.
  • At companies including: 3M, Apple, Biopolymer Engineering, Cirrus Aircraft, FutureDude Entertainment, Harley Automotive, Medtronic, Seagate Technology, StarTribune, StealthMark, and others.
  • I've also served on three boards of directors.

Over the course of my career I've put this agile-driven, reality-based learning to work:

  • Creating 9 new organizations at various levels (4 of which were my own companies).
  • Renovating 4 under-performing organizations.
  • Redesigning 2 organizations that were doing just fine, but were tooled for the problems of yesterday, rather than those of tomorrow.
  • Earning Cowles Media's President's Award and Medtronic's Win Wallin Leadership Award.
  • Sharing the lessons I've learned in the book, Windward Leadership: Taking Your Organization into the Prevailing Winds on Political Seas.

Additional Info

Current Role (Select the one that best describes the structure in which you work) : Professional Aligned with Change: Leaders who support change initiatives

Specialty (choose the one(s) that best describes your current role in change management) : Organizational Effectiveness, Organizational Development

Professional Certifications (ie Prosci, SPHR, PMP) : CSPO, CSM, CARS, CS@SP, CLP

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